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Data Visualization/Analysis Company

Making sense of complex data is rarely an easy task, especially when the amount of data involved is large. Tools become fundamental in these cases: exploring the data should be done quickly and efficiently, adopting good representations, intuitive visualizations and machine learning techniques to cluster, reduce or augment the data so that hipotheses can be formulated and verified rapidly.

We are ready for challenging tasks, not only by adopting modern and innovative technologies, but also by using lean development processes and focusing on few projects at any given time to reduce context switches and loss of efficiency. Our objective is to maximize customer satisfaction and give the highest quality results.

User Experience

We develop custom software to improve your workflow, adopting modern UI and effective data visualizations, with innovative technologies for the best user experience.

Artificial Intelligence

We create AI-enriched tools to support your business, whether it is to analyze your data, your images or to interact in new, innovative ways with your employees or customers.


We carefully craft our products with domain experts to facilitate their workflow and to provide a better understanding of the data to enable fast and accurate decisions.

Our Technologies

We love to tackle new challenges and solve new problems using a variety of modern technologies. We solve problems and create applications for your needs.

Big Data Visualization

Data exploration, interactive and responsive dashboards and dimensional reduction.

Real time Rendering

Real time 2D/3D data stream from multiple sources visualized in clean, innovative performance driven way

Medical Imaging

Image processing, 2D/3D model generation, geometric characterization and data analysis

Exhibitions and Fairs

Realization of 2D/3D visualizations and demos for the public, with passive or interactive stations

AI Data Analysis

Creation of tools to support analysis of data tailored for your domain

Time Series Visualization

Visualize and analyze time series with real-time data streaming

AR - VR - 3D

Applications to display 3D data in scientific and engineering contexts with immersive technologies

Geospatial Data

Applications to visualize and process geospatial data.

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Many business have data collected, organized, but largely unused. We want to listen to your story, your needs and help you understanding your data.

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