D/Vision Lab charting library

Project Details

  • Type: Data Visualization
  • What We Did: A Visual plotting libary
  • Tools Used: plotly.js, deck.gl
  • Started on: November 2019
  • Current version: 0.1.0


Polywag is a data visualization library built on top of Plotly.js and deck.gl. It provides pre-defined layouts for our most common use cases, i.e. real time data streaming from sensors, database analysis or AI-powered detection algorithms. Plotly.js and deck.gl are powerful libraries that disclose a huge number of possibilities. Here at D/Vision Lab we use them in combination to display data both as timeseries or geo localized points, in order to show different kind of data in a clear and communicative way.

Examples and documentation available at www.dvisionlab.com/polywag/.