TCP binary data stream to Redis channel

Project Details

  • Type: Data Stream
  • What We Did: A TCP toolkit
  • Tools Used: Python, C++
  • Started on: November 2019
  • Current version: 0.1.0


The main objective of this library is to receive binary data from a TCP client and publish it to a redis channel.

The library is currently under further development and it has been released under MIT license on our GITHUB

Why should you use TCP? The Transmission Control Protocol (TCP):

– Is reliable: packets dropped in the network are detected and retransmitted by the sender.

– Has in-order data delivery: data is read by your application in the order it was written by the sender.

Moreover, thanks to Redis a pub/sub system is implemented in order to publish received data to a redis channel. Redis Pub/Sub implements the messaging system where the senders (in redis terminology called publishers) sends the messages while the receivers (subscribers) receive them. The link by which the messages are transferred is called channel. In Redis, a client can subscribe any number of channels.