In-situ visualization for CFD

Project Details

  • Type: Product
  • What We Did: Real time visualization
  • Tools Used: C++
  • Started on: February 2020
  • Current version: alpha stage


In-situ visualization stands for the technique where the data are visualized in real-time, as it is being produced by simulation, and without involving storage resources. By using the visualization and simulation together, one can overcome the bottleneck of data transfer. Furthermore, this approach allows to monitor and interact with running simulation, so its parameters can be modified and scientist can immediately see the effect on investigating phenomena.

Seeing how the simulation evolves in real time and being able to dive into the virtual world allows the scientists to get a better understanding of the dynamical processes involved in these phenomena. It also helps to enhance the scientist’s productivity, for example by spotting poor simulation setups early or to quickly detect reaching a steady state. In-situ visualization can be taken a step further by allowing users to adjust simulation parameters and steer the simulation.

IVCFD, which will be demo-ed at ESB 2020, is a PoC aiming to demonstrate the effectiveness of real-time visualization of data streams for CFD simulations.