Speed-up and power-up developement in three.js

Project Details

  • Type: 3D Library
  • What We Did: Store our three.js know-how
  • Tools Used: three.js
  • Started on: November 2020
  • Current version: 0.1.2

A container for three.js pre-build setups and features

Graveler is our container for the know-how we acquired in years of development using the three.js library.

It is composed by three.js super-classes, that automatize the setup of 3D scenes in order to speed-up the development process. They are especially useful in rapid prototyping, i.e. quickly creating and rendering a scene to play with new ideas or produce proof-of-concept demos. Hence, the documentation includes a series of examples focused on our typical three.js use cases, such as rendering and interacting with biomedical models.

Graveler also contains the custom features we developed through the years, such as picking on selected meshes, implementation of object managers, marching cube algorithm, CAD functionalities, surface brushing and much more.

Using Graveler we also avoid the need to bring around the three.js modules that are not included by default in the library, such as loaders and advanced features.

In the future, we plan to include in Graveler the custom shaders we use especially for medical application, based on volume rendering tecnique.