Toolkit per immagini DICOM volumetriche

Project Details

  • Type: Medical Imaging
  • What We Did: A DICOM image toolkit to render volumes using different visualization
  • Tools Used: Javascript, vtk.js
  • Started on: April 2021
  • Current version: 0.9.2


DigletTK is an open source library to visualize DICOM volumetric data.

It features real-time interactive MPR (Multi Planar Reformatting) and VR (Volume Rendering) in the browser, based on DICOM data loaded and parsed with Larvitar, our open source library for DICOM data management. Among all features, there are colormaps, opacity maps with live controls, length and angle measurements, MIP and MinIP algorithms.

DigletTK is built on top of vtk.js, a porting on the web of the VTK library (Visualization ToolKit).

The core technology is WebGL2, which allows to realize high-quality 3d rendering in a web environment. You can try DigletTK performances both on docs & examples page diglettk.dvisionlab.com and in our web app Dicom Vision, an online DICOM viewer that provide 3d reconstruction and visualization for proper acquisition modality.