DICOM Vision

Online free DICOM Viewer

Project Details

  • Type: Product
  • What We Did: An online DICOM Viewer
  • Tools Used: Cornestone.js, Vue.js
  • Started on: February 2020
  • Current version: 0.3.2

DICOM Vision

DICOM Vision is a free, cloud-based, viewer for DICOM Images. With DICOM Vision you can easily inspect your DICOM data with your web-browser, for free.

Based on the state-of-the-art Cornestone.js Library and our Larvitar open-source Framework, DICOM Vision is a brand new way to navigate through your medical dataset.

With DICOM Vision you can import DICOM studies from file system, visualize a serie in axial, coronal and/or sagittal orientations and easily interact and navigate the serie changing contrast level, zoom, pan and selected image.

Thanks to the powerful Cornestone Tools Library, with DICOM Vision you can easily take measurements and annotations.

Optional volume rendering feature is provided thanks to VTK.js library, providing native volume rendering visualization of your DICOM serie.

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