GPU based data visualization

Project Details

  • Type: Research project
  • What We Did: A new dataviz toolkit
  • Tools Used: Python, C++
  • Started on: January 2020


Magnum Graphics is an Open Source C++ library for creating 3D contents, including data visualization, CAD applications, interactive installations as well as video games.

Using its python bindings, we created a toolkit that allows to visualize streams of data in soft real-time. This tool, which will be demo-ed at PyCon 11, is a PoC aiming to explore easy-to-use APIs for real-time visualization of data streams.

AVGM uses Magnum, which currently uses OpenGL/WebGL, allowing to port this application over multiple platforms and, in future, we could even run it in a web broser.

There are different toolkits in the python community to visualize data in real-time, for example Vispy or even Matplotlib, but we are currently studying new technologies and new ways to visualize and explore data, therefore a custom platform was appropriate.

We will release the core of AVGM as FLOSS, probably after the conference, so that we can get some feedback from the community.