Annotate Vision

Image Annotation Tool for AI

Project Details

  • Type: Product
  • What We Did: Data Annotation Tool
  • Tools Used: Cornerstone.js, Vue.js
  • Started on: May 2020
  • Current version: 0.1.0

Annotate Vision

Annotate Vision is a general pourpose 2D data annotation tool, useful to annotate images (such as png, tiff, jpeg etc) in a fast and reliable way using only your browser.

Thirty years ago computer vision systems could barely recognize hand-written digits. But now AI-powered machines are used to empower self-driving vehicles, detect malignant tumors in pathology slides, and review legal contracts. Along with advanced algorithms and powerful compute resources, fine-grained labeled datasets play a key role in AI’s renaissance.

Data annotation is the process of labeling the contents recognizable to machines through computer vision or natural language processing (NLP) based AI or ML training available in various formats like text, videos and images. It is simply the process of labeling or annotation making the object of interest detectable or recognizable while feeding into algorithms. And there are various techniques and types of data labeling done as per the requirements of the projects.

The most important and precious data annotation process to create the AI model is Image Annotation for Object Detection and Recognition. Actually the main purpose of image annotation is make the objects recognizable to visual perception based AI and ML models.

In image annotation the object is annotated and tagged with special techniques making distinct type of object easily perceptible to AI-enabled machines. And there are different methods of image annotation to create the training data sets for AI companies. Bounding box, semantic segmentation, 3D cuboid annotation, landmark annotation, polygon annotation and 3D point annotation are the leading methods used in image annotation as per the customize needs of the AI and ML projects.