Advanced cloud DICOM-viewer

A zero-fooprint DICOM viewer with MPR and 3D

Project Details

  • Type: Project
  • What We Did: Cloud DICOM Viewer
  • Tools Used: Larvitar, DigletTK, Dicom Vision
  • Started on: May 2021
  • Status: On Going

Customer Problem

The customer asked for a cloud-based DICOM viewer with advanced 3D functionalities such as multi planar reformat and volume rendering visualization. Based on cornerstone.js and Larvitar libraries, it allows to load, parse and preview DICOM studies from various modalities (CT, MRI, RX, PET, MG, US, XA) into the browser, without sending any data to the server.

Our Solution

Interactions with presented images are provided by the Larvitar library, integrated with some custom-made advanced features:

– Interaction tools: with these tools the user can modify the image visualization

– Scroll between slices, both manually and automatically (eg cinematic tool)

– Zoom / Pan / Rotate the image (or images, in case of multi-view layouts, these tools are synchronized )

– Magnify a specific zone of the image

– Get pixels information

Annotation tools: with these tools the user can put markers or take measurements on the image:

– Length, angles and diameters measurements

– Circular, elliptic, rectangular or freehand ROIs

– Numeric markers or text annotations

In case of DICOM images describing a volume, three dimensional representation is provided based on the DigletTK library. A range of colormaps are available, along with a simple widget that allows the user to easily modify the opacity map, in order to highlight the different tissues.

Real time interactive multi planar reformat (MPR) tools can be used to reconstruct images in orthogonal planes (coronal, sagittal, axial or oblique, depending on what the base image plane is).This can help to create a visualization of the anatomy which was not possible using base images alone.