Geolocalization Sensors Data

Real-time visualization of sensors data with gps

Project Details

  • Type: Product
  • What We Did: Real time geo-data visualization
  • Tools Used:, FlashVision
  • Started on: July 2020
  • Status: Closed

Our Solution

We developed, together with our partner 221e a “Proof of concept” for geo-localization and real-time data visualization with an interactive dashboard.

In the Fleet Connected S.I.S. Muse sensors (proprietary technology 221e) is used, thanks to which it is possible to detect and process a large amount of data in order to obtain different benefits for centaurs and transporters: In real time there is the detection of the man-down condition, the classification of driving dynamics and the detection of vibrations to the driver.

Thanks to these technologies it’s possible to raise the degree of protection to the postman and send an alarm signal in real time in case of need as well as obtaining greater awareness of the fleet by helping in the maintenance and sustainable driving processes, at the same time encouraging the reduction of emissions CO2.

Poste’s objectives with the Fleet Connected S.I.S (Safety Innovation Sustainability) project are to further protect the safety and health of its postmen, as well as to reduce the environmental impact of the fleet by improving consumption and maintenance.

Here’s the official video: