Surgical Planning Platform

Web-application for medical imaging data analysis and visualization

Project Details

  • Type: Project
  • What We Did: Medical Imaging App
  • Tools Used: DicomVision
  • Started on: December 2019
  • Status: Closed

Customer Problem

The customer asked for a collaborative platform GDPR compliant for the vascular surgery sector and, more specifically, for the treatment of abdominal aneurysm through the use of a surgical technique called EVAR and which involves the insertion of an implant formed by a minimum of 2 up to a maximum of 4 endoprostheses. The main purpose of the service is to foster dialogue between surgeons and specialists (i.e. representatives of endoprosthesis manufacturers) and to allow the calculation of the best prosthetic configuration starting from a predefined set of 18 anatomical measures relating to the arteries affected by the operation. In short terms, the customer needs a medical application software helping the vascular surgeons to plan the aortic endovascular implant.

Our Solution

We developed a web-application based on our DICOM Vision, a medical imaging DICOM Viewer. The user can plan the aortic endovascular implant starting from a CT image in a matter of minutes. Easily determine the appropriate landing zone for treatment of abdominal aneurysms (EVAR). All relevant measurements (e.g. diameter, volumes and length) can be obtained via automatic detected centerline.

  • Dashboard with surgical planning cases

  • Simply create a case uploading a CT DICOM image

  • The image is visualized in axial, sagittal and coronal orientations

  • User can interact with the image and place annotations as in DICOM Vision

  • Semi-automated aorta segmentation, the resulting segmentation mask is visualized both on 3D and 2D as mask layer on the image

  • Manual and smart segmentation editor tools allowing the user to eventually modify the segmentation mask

  • Semi-automated centerline computation and visualization on the aorta 3D model

  • Multi-planar image reformat and visualization of centerline-based image slice

  • Visualization of stretched aorta 2D model

  • Semi-automated measurement workflow with automated computation of angles, lengths and diameters on specific anatomic locations

  • Automated generation and visualization of 2D and 3D surgical implants

  • Visualization of endovascular implant data such as landing points, oversizes, etc…