Data Visualization Dashboard

Data Visualization Dashboard for real-time data from surveillance cameras

Project Details

  • Type: Project
  • What We Did: Customized Dashboard
  • Tools Used: FlashVision
  • Started on: April 2020
  • Status: On Going

Customer Problem

The customer, Milan Bergamo Airport, asked for a data visualization application in order to display information to both public and backoffice to monitor social distancing and queues due to covid-19 emergency.

Since 2001, the advent year of low cost traffic, Milano Bergamo Airport has experienced steady growth in passenger movements reaching 9 million in 2013, consolidating fourth position in the ranking of Italian airports and taking on a strategic function in terms of mobility for east Lombardy.


Our Solution

We developed a web-application based on our Flash Vision, a real-time dashboard for data visualization. The application is communicating via REST API with People Engine, an AI-based system to monitor people, queues and social distancing through surveillance cameras. Data is streamed real-time using websockets to the browser.

This application simplifies the visual representation of complex data and helps stakeholders understand, analyze, and present key insights. The core objective is to make complex information accessible and easy to digest.

A public visualization is installed in dedicated monitors nearby each toilette, in order to inform people about toilette accessibility due to covid-19 restrictions.