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Meet the team

D/Vision lab s.r.l. was founded in October 2019 by 3 partners, Simone Manini, Alessandro Re, Mattia Ronzoni, with the objective to develop new solutions to understand data using the most innovative and recent technologies, while working in a well organized way to increase efficiency and reduce delivery timing.

Simone, Chairman, is a Software Engineer with years of experience in the field of data visualization in the medical domain.

Alessandro, CTO, is a Computer Scientist with different skills and experiences, ranging from programming languages, machine learning and interactive data visualization.

Mattia, CEO, is a Biomedical Engineer with a passion for coding, he has experience in developing interfaces and visualization tools for medical and industrial data.

Our vision is to facilitate understanding of phenomena and processes.

We believe that a deep understanding of what happens around us is important to develop a critic, equal and livable society. In every human activity and natural events we can find phenomena to analyze and understand profoundly to improve our lives and develop a better future society. For this reason, we believe that exposing that phenomena and understanding them at large scale is of primary importance for us as a species. D/Vision Lab wants to pursue this vision and contribute in the understanding of phenomena and processes around us.

Our mission is to provide understanding through vision and interaction.

Humans have a wide range of senses, going far beyond the 5 Aristotelian ones (vision, hearing, taste, smell and touch). All of them are fundamental for our ability to live in this world and be human. Nevertheless, we believe that vision is the most important and fascinating one. Much of our culture and understanding of our environment comes from vision: through it we can grasp the moment, observe the changes and build a mental model of the phenomena which we can analyze and recall. For this reason, we put this the sense of vision in the center of our mission: we want (you) to see what is going on and have an intuition in the most natural way possible. And, by extension, an even deeper understanding of the phenomena and processes can be acquired by direct interaction: performing actions and seeing the results of those actions, is probably the most natural and effective way used by humans to understand and learn.

We believe that to carry on our vision and be beneficial to the society around us, knowledge, respect and empathy are fundamental.

This translates to a number of values which are fundamental to D/Vision Lab: the right to be respected and treated equally independently from sex, age, phisical conditions or religious beliefs; the right to pursue personal growth and search for happiness; the right for economically independence and proper economical value of each own’s work; the right of be part of a community, of being included and appreciated by peers; the right to be paid in time and naturally it’s our duty to pay in time. We believe in honesty and transparency with our business partners: we want to thrive together, not at the expenses of someone else’s. We believe that behind business there are people, therefore there is no need to be ruthless with others.

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Many business have data collected, organized, but largely unused. We want to listen to your story, your needs and help you understanding your data.

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