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We are an innovative start-up focused on data visualization. With over 15 years of experience accumulated by its founders, D/Vision Lab operates in scientific, medical, engineering and services domains allowing visual exploration of data through advanced visualization technologies and artificial intelligence to enable fast, intuitive and deep understanding of the business processes.

We are based in Dalmine (BG), Italy, as part of the Bergamo Business Incubator at POINT, the centre for the technological innovation.



Data are like gold mines and as such they must be mined to get relevant information. Finding the best visualization to mine the data requires skills and specialized tools, but can accelerate the understanding process, especially when the amount of data is large and conventional techniques fall short.

We believe that a big part of understanding the data goes through visual representation and for this reason, D/Vision lab is focused on creating software for efficient exploration of data which is fast, usable and smart.

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We love to tackle new challenges and solve new problems using a variety of modern technologies. We solve problems and create applications for your needs.

Big Data Visualization

Data exploration, interactive and responsive dashboards and dimensional reduction.

Real time Rendering

Real time 2D/3D data stream from multiple sources visualized in clean, innovative performance driven way

Medical Imaging

Image processing, 2D/3D model generation, geometric characterization and data analysis

Exhibitions and Fairs

Realization of 2D/3D visualizations and demos for the public, with passive or interactive stations

AI Data Analysis

Creation of tools to support analysis of data tailored for your domain

Time Series Visualization

Visualize and analyze time series with real-time data streaming

AR - VR - 3D

Applications to display 3D data in scientific and engineering contexts with immersive technologies

Geospatial Data

Applications to visualize and process geospatial data.

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Many business have data collected, organized, but largely unused. We want to listen to your story, your needs and help you understanding your data.

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